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The Conrad Group offers the most up-to-date commercial real estate news and media for your convenience. Our commercial real estate service is devoted to making sure clients are always supplied with the latest market information. If you have commercial real estate for sale, or you are interested in purchasing commercial real estate, turn to our company for the marketing news that we can use to your advantage.

Diverse Outlets of Real Estate Media

As a go-to source for commercial real estate news, it is imperative that we diversify our sources of real estate media. Our company has connections to media outlets on a local, regional, and national level. This gives us the ability to measure the respective commercial real estate markets and better negotiate on behalf of our clients.

In order to provide market knowledge to our clients at a modern pace, we include social media as part of our informational resources. This allows us to stay up on a minute-by-minute basis with all of the commercial real estate listings and transactions. This is also how we are able to provide clients who are selling property with the most expedient means of attracting motivated buyers.

If you are selling a piece of property, we put out all of the pertinent information regarding the real estate. If you are interested in purchasing a property, we perform a detailed search using the criteria you provide us. By approaching our commercial real estate services from both the buying and selling perspective, we can cross-reference the information to broker the best possible deal for all parties involved.

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