Properties for Sale

The Conrad Group makes it easy and profitable to purchase business and properties for sale in the South Shore area. We are your all-in-one commercial real estate property finder, offering the most up-to-date market listings. Let us know what type of commercial properties or businesses for sale you are interested in, and we will find a listing that matches your needs.

Profitable Businesses for Sale

Clients come to us because they are unsure about all the intricacies involved in buying, selling, or leasing a commercial space. It is a major financial commitment, and it is important for those starting a new business or expanding their current business to take the right steps. Our team is here to walk you through those steps, ensuring you are able to find and secure the ideal commercial property that meets your needs.

Acting as a full-time property owner and manager leaves you little time to do anything else. That is why you need to work with our experienced brokers, who excel at handling tenant screenings and lease negotiations. We are here to champion your interests during the buying or leasing process. You can trust our commercial real estate experts to help you avoid potential roadblocks and save money through professional negotiation.

If you are interested in purchasing businesses for sale, you want to have all the pertinent information at your disposal before you make a commitment. That is where experienced commercial real estate brokers come in. Our commercial real estate brokers have extensive experience handling transactions that involve many different types of commercial structures. The following are some examples of the buildings we offer for those interested in buying or selling a business:

  • Large Office Buildings
  • Sky Scrapers
  • Urban Buildings
  • Architectural Buildings

Property Finder Assistance

Without proper representation that gives you access to market information, you are limited in your options for finding commercial real estate. Our company has the resources and technology to locate and market real estate properties online and other platforms.

Our commercial real estate brokers collaborate with the industry to offer clients a better commercial real estate marketplace. We make thing easy to understand, and everything is customized to the individual needs of the client. This gives you unparalleled marketing reach, giving you the chance to find properties more quickly and at prices that fit within your financial spectrum.

Contact us today to learn more about the properties for sale you are interested in purchasing.